Our Ethics


Made in America. Made with Empathy.

Humantra believes that the exploitation of people and the environment has to be stopped. Workers should be paid a wage that enables them to live in dignity. Our clothing is a way of combating the negative effects of the fashion industry and we’re giving 10% of profits to Clean Clothes Campaign.


Made in America

Our supply chain will be entirely made in the USA, from the manufacturing to the printing. We use American Apparel clothing, they are high-quality and made in the USA. Standing for premium quality goods, ethically made with an eye toward quality and longevity. The t-shirts we use are part of their Sustainable Edition range, made from 100% USDA Certified Organic and pesticide-free cotton. Currently, we cannot source organic vests/tanks through our suppliers but as we grow this will change.


Ethical Supply Chain

Our internationally based suppliers implement corporate social responsibility standards. Factory employees are given fair wages and comfortable working conditions. Many suppliers are also environmentally conscious, using recycled materials and limiting energy waste. So you’ll have a clean conscience when it comes to your supply chain.


10% Of Profits Go To Charity

10% of profits are donated to the Clean Clothes Campaign, an organisation dedicated to ensuring basic human rights of workers are enforced and respected. They are supporting the empowerment of clothing workers in the in the global garment industry.

Zero Waste

The clothing will be produced on a print-on-demand basis meaning that the clothes are made to order leaving zero-waste. In the UK we’re also using materials that are manufactured solely using sustainable energy generated from wind and solar power.

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