Our Story

Conscious clothing that makes a positive impact on the World.

Today we walk around wearing brands and symbols to represent wealth and the aesthetics that we align with. These trends change rapidly and unfortunately many of the high-street brands are built on shareholder focused profit models that exploit both the people and the environment.



Clothing could instead represent true wealth; inner peace, a conscious mind and compassion for our fellow people. Our business models could instead, be built sustainably and inspire and respect the people involved.

That’s why we created Humantra.  This is sweatshop-free, organic, sustainably made clothing. Our designs and symbols express conscious messages and we give back 10% of profits to social causes.

It’s a new model, for a new world.


“In consumer-driven society where individual choices of what we buy, do and watch shapes our ecological impact, supporting businesses that work of the good of humanity and nature will change the world faster than any laws can” — Samuel, Humantra